Power Lunch Showcase: Changing the Game!


Aug 8, 2016 Acting, Behind the Scenes, Classes, Comedy, News, Photos 0 Comments


I’m so stoked to be a part of the awesome community of actors/producers/writers/angels at Actors Comedy Studio. On Monday, August 1, we presented our POWER LUNCH Showcase for top-tier industry. We produced a sexy photo shoot a la Vanity Fair and The Hollywood Reporter to show just how hot and made-for-TV we are! This is the first of many projects and showcases with this talented and powerful group. Check out more info about the showcase below, or visit www.powerlunchshowcase.com.

“Self-produced by its cast, POWER LUNCH features a collective of working actors who have trained extensively together in Master Class at Actors Comedy Studio (ACS) in Los Angeles. Specializing in on-camera acting and audition technique for TV and Film, all cast members are primed for the spotlight and this fall episodic season, in particular.

Actors Comedy Studio is the world’s only acting school dedicated solely to Acting and Audition Technique for on-camera comedy. Admission to Master Class is reserved for experienced, working and notable actors.

These actors are among the most skilled in Los Angeles and significantly more competitive in the market than those with predominately improv/sketch training. ACS Master Class students are adept on-camera actors with impeccable audition technique. They have acquired a deep knowledge of comedy writing, character archetypes, the history of television and sitcoms. Additionally, they have developed a keen understanding of the current market, on-going trends, and how they and their personal brands can best fit into that marketThey are equally disciplined actors as they are savvy businesspeople.”

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